Web Design

You’ve heard all the terms and jargon relating to web design. This glut of information can be confusing, even frustrating.

So what does it all mean?

This summary is meant to at least clarify the extent of services you can request and expect when you decide to move forward with your project.


Break Down of Web Design Services



  • (CMS) Installation
  • SQL Database setup
  • WordPress Theme configuration
  • Design + Interface (GUI) customization

Web Hosting (includes unlimited Email accounts) is also available.

Click Here for more information. 


  1. i want to send this site to TED Turner and Laura Seydel to show we are equipped to start once they help us get investor funding via Coca Cola

    Branding via social media and text branding generating fan base via blog and text
    Branding via commercial and blog positioning on google
    Branding via web design and SEO strategies
    Branding via Publicity event promotions
    Branding via youtube commercial and series production

    Will you add my Mother Nature In Peril video to this site? I’d be glad to reciprocate with a link to this site to my imdb and yours.

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