Trend: the Mascot Invasion

In the digital age, social media has become the primary source of communication. And businesses have mobilized to social channels in order to reach their audience.

There is an evolution going on that given rise to Mascots that are bringing profiles to life. They’re showing up everywhere as avatars and mascots that move and talk like you, and do the job of pitch-men, hosts, and are the stars of promotional campaigns.

There was a time, during the infancy of social media, when everyone used a photo, but that time is fading into a by-gone era as the demand for more sensate interaction intensifies. Some brands still stick to traditional or have yet to make the transition; they use their logo for everything. Some companies have their own reasons for doing so, but there is always the risk of over-exposure. When you change the channel, pause the DVR or your natural reflex is to instantly shift your focus somewhere else upon seeing an all too familiar logo, that is a result of over-exposure.

A mascot brings your brand to life and also offers a myriad of creative possibilities for promotional campaigns.

Despite all the emphasis on Social Media, print media continues to be an effective medium for many companies, including this printer based in Malta. Delta Media provides every kind of printing, plus design services when clients need it.

Their team is aware of this trend and chose to use a Mascot which was implemented in this video intro destined to promote their specials on their Social Media networks.


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