My Review of Questra World marketing company

This is my review of the company and their income opportunities that are available to anyone who seeks financial freedom in the marketing industry.

Transcript from my Video Review

I would like to introduce the company, Questra World (website: )

The company, is a marketing and advertising broker, of the joint stock investment fund. Atlantic Global Asset Management.

This fund, conducts, debt, obligation purchases, and, the sale of businesses.  They also provide, other financial activities.

Questra World, has exclusive rights to promote, and sell, financial products, of the fund, Atlantic Global Asset Management.

The President of the company, José Manuel. Gil a bert, has assigned, the multilevel marketing model, as their system promotion. This enables them to save on the advertising budget, as well as provide, a better opportunity for thousands of agents, to make more money.

The Questra World, company, operates on all continents, from Asia to Africa, and from Europe to South America.

Questra World. offers two types of income, to its agents. The first type of income, means a percentage of profit, from sales of the products, of Atlantic Global Asset Management fund.

The bonus program, consists of 11 levels, or career stages. If the agent is progressing up the career ladder, it receives not only a new position, but also increases, the percentage of profit, from sales of the company’s products.

The second type of income, is a bonus program. Pursuant to the conditions of the program, the agent receives a pleasant monetary bonus, additionally to the percentage of income, at each level of the career ladder.

The non-interest, credit, financing to the directors, is the additional advantage. They have the opportunity, to purchase a house or car, under a special program.

Due to its compatibility with the most popular payment systems in the world, the company has greatly, enhanced the procedure of, remuneration. There are no problems related to the receipt of the money, in any country in the world.

People may be interested that Questra World regularly organizes business events, such as training seminars, as well as entertainment events for its agents.

In 2016, the Questra World company has already paid remuneration to its agents, in the amount of almost 20 million, EURO.


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