Mascots: the Growing Trend in business

More and more clients are establishing the growing Trend of Mascots.

Mascots have been showing-off at sports arenas, store fronts and other venues for a long time. Some of those costumed mascots are just creepy.

In today’s digital world, a new breed of mascot is thriving. They look like all types of creatures, and appear as come-to-life avatars, hosts and pitch-men on social media profiles (e.g. Youtube, Facebook) and more traditional channels like TV commercials (e.g. the General insurance ads).

Feature Medical realized the mascot that is part of their logo would not be dynamic enough as a static avatar in their videos. They wanted to create a video Branding Intro and Outro that could be used to promote their content at the start or end of each promotional and educational video.

Two versions were created.

It was not necessary to Rig the mascot for intricate body movements because a quick-hitting intro at the start of rend of a video needed only a fast-flowing type of animation. The Droid Mascot needed only to fly through deep space and rendezvous with the company logo and then dock into position.

The final rendition of this animation sequence would resemble that of many movie studio logo animations. The longer version would convey a more complete purview of the scene by showing more of the droid’s journey through space, along with a music track. The short version cuts to the chase, or in this case, to the ending, when the droid docks onto the letters to form the company logo.

There are plenty of possibilities for sequels to this story which can be produced for future promotional campaigns. There may be a script already in the works.

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