Journey of a Movie Script & the Evolution of Dramatic Storytelling

We think we live in a very edgy time in which you can do anything on film, but we don’t. Yes, we put blood and sex and gore on screen but to pose a genuinely deep, humane, moral dilemma – people don’t want to be brought to difficult places

John Romano – talks about American Pastoral in an Interview with Final Draft

The thing about this interview that inspired me, was how it affirmed my own dilemma – the doubt that can creep in and paralyze my efforts through fear of failure. I aspire to write stories that deal with existential, moral dilemma. One story-arch which I continue to work deals with an ancient battle for the occupation of Earth. While this may seem like just another alien invasion tale, the story-arch of this one can be traced back to ancient history and writings that go as far back as the oldest Sanskrit.

I will post a follow-up to the progress of this spec-script as soon as there’s a significant update.

The script started going around, you would not believe this, in the year 2000. In other words it was being read about the time that 9/11 happened and that was really not good for us for a lot of reasons… And no one was in that mood post-9/11, and I mean for several years. We were in Iraq and Afghanistan and no one was in the mood to hear that story…that was part of the obstacle. And I think the 60’s had to get a little further away. It had to become a little more of a period piece. And then, you know, the tides of movie making shift, what’s in and what’s out…I’m particularly proud of my producers for bucking every possible tide.

The other thing about this movie that should inspire any writer trying to sell a spec-script, is that this script had its own set of challenges before it got green-lit.

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