The Passion Plan Book

Lisa Hayes, author of “The Passion Plan” book, wanted to promote her book in a way unique enough that it wouldn’t easily be drowned out by the myriad of outlandish, click-bait videos that are posted daily on the internet.

But how can you capture the author in her counseling splendor when she lives in another state?

This challenge was met with one idea that surfaced during brain storming. The relationships writer had video footage which she had recorded during various chat sessions with her colleagues. So, the decision was made to utilize this web cam footage in a Q & A style interview. In order to keep the pace of the interview from dragging, motion graphics transitions were used to cut from one question & answer segment to the next at a speed that synced with an upbeat, seductive sound track.

The overall look and feel of the interview resembles that of many popular celebrity interviews on entertainment news shows.
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Cast Away (2000) Alternate Ending puts you on the edge of your seat

In the blockbuster movie, Cast Away (2000), A FedEx executive must transform himself physically and emotionally to survive a crash landing on a deserted island.

This Trailer has a much happier (though less dramatic) ending.
If you watch this in a theater, you’d instantly be on the edge of your seat as you get up and head for the exit because there’s simply not much drama to be seen. And if you ordered from you’d want to hurry home (or to the office) to be there for the delivery of your package, which surely would arrive on schedule.

Spoiler Alert: The pilot lands the airplane safely at the destination. All packages are then sorted onto trucks for delivery, right on schedule.
In the end, everything goes as planned. The customers receive their packages and the pilot returns home, only to repeat his daily routine of satisfying customers.


Direct Your own Ending. Send your own concept idea. 



Before the movie, Cast Away, was released in 2000, HIRESupply was established (circa 1990) as a seller of office janitorial, sanitation, warehouse and maintenance supplies. Their products include: toner, ink, gloves, ribbons, computer parts and more.

Heidi Fischel Real Estate Agent

A Video Intro has several uses. For Real Estate professionals, it brands content in a competitive landscape where prominence can be the catalyst for closing the sale.

A 30 second Video Intro that can be used to brand and promote residential Real Estate Agent, Heidi Fischel, who is based out of Montreal QC.
The video is editable down to 15 seconds and can be used as an Intro to brand any videos that showcase real estate properties on the market.

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