My school-mate Spawned Catholics vs Convicts

Long-time members of the Miami Hurricanes fan base will appreciate this overlooked subplot within the bigger story that has now blown up since ‘Canes’ football returned to national prominence and ‘the U’ as a contender for the national championship.

This is the story within the story of the Notre Dame-Miami showdown that went on to become one of the greatest games in college football history, and one of those rare battles on the field that actually lived up to and surpassed all the hype leading up to it.

I was surprised to discover what I hadn’t noticed the first time I watched the ESPN 30 For 30 documentary, “Catholics vs Convicts”. Thirty-five mintues (00:35:35) into the film, director and narrator Patrick Creadon, tells, in first person, how his best friend and roommate Pat Walshin got the idea for the infamous t-shirt that fueled the flames of the Notre Dame-Miami showdown that went on to become one of the greatest games in college football history, and one of those rare battles on the field that actually lived up to and surpassed all the hype leading up to it.
In this scene, a newspaper clipping shows a mug-shot of a disgraced UM player with the headline: “UM reserve suspended after drug-charge arrest”. The narrator tells how it was this article that gave him the idea to use the ‘convicts’ label for UM. Luckly, the image of the article (see attached screen-grab) is clear enough that you can read the details of his arrest. You know how when you watch a film more than once, you tend to catch things you didn’t see before? Well, there he was, my former school-mate, Darius Frazier; Hallandale High hero; all-state running back and one of the greatest in Charger history. Back in 1988, the Miami Hurricanes had a monopoly on the recruiting of local athletes, and South Florida, like an Alaskan river with salmon, was (and still is) abundant in great talent. Frazier was one of those highly-touted UM recruits. You could say that Hallandale High is infamous for producing the player who spawned the ‘Catholics vs Convicts’ T-shirt.


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Years after Frazier got kicked off the UM team, I attended a Hallandale Chargers football game and there he was, none other than Darius Frazier himself, in the stands, philanthropically giving back to his community by openly taking wagers on the new generation of football players and paying out with copious amounts of drug money, just as many drug dealers have been known to do in their own hood.
In the spring of 1989, a few of my friends and myself tried out for our Chargers Varsity football team. I played the tail back position in the team’s running backs unit. I had the honor of practicing, drilling and scrimmaging along side the next great Hallandale High player: All-State/All-American running back, Daniel Harris. I grew up knowing Daniel ever since Kinder Garden. I even have an old photo of him and I as children in Holloween Costume. That Spring with the football team makes me feel connected to this story within a story.

Theres a running joke about how much of the ‘Canes’ football fan base is made up of Miami locals – some of which are of the criminal element – who never enrolled at UM.
In a twisted sort of way, these days, during this 2017 college football season, I feel proud to be known as a convict.


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Screenwriters: the Modern Day Prophets + All Voters take Heed

If you were an undecided voter and you hoped to avoid a ‘Trumpocalypse’, you should have taken heed to the ‘New Rule’ from HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher.

 CLICK THIS and take heed, particularly, to the evidence he presents which supports what I learned long ago, when I began my journey into screenwriting. Maher said, “movies predict the future”. But that’s somewhat of a pollyannaish way of putting it. Another writer has revealed that Hollywood has a symbiotic relationship with persons who occupy or have occupied positions at the highest level of organizations, some of which include branches of the U.S. military and private contractors, governing and controlling the world, whereby covert information is leaked to researchers’ sources or officially released to the news media or via social media.


Update: Watch the episode of Real Time that sounded the alarm on a Fascist Right-Wing Coup taking America and their Manchurian Candidate, Donald Trump

Is this a fascists, right-wing coup taking America? 

Is Donald Trump the fascists’ manchurian candidate?

Was there a ‘silent Trump vote’ faction that remained doormant until election day in order to feed false data to the media and Clinton’s campaign?

The panelists sounded the alarm the weekend leading up to election day.


That’s why I say that screenwriters have become the modern-day prophets. Screenwriters, along with any number of assistants who help in the research of material and those involved in acquiring the production budgets, inevitably become enlightened. And like many prophets from the past, they too, deliver the messages through writing. The only difference is that now it can be adapted to other forms of multimedia.

In the ‘New Rules’ video, Bill Maher mentioned several movies that foretold the future. I can name a few myself. Can you?


Movies and other works of fiction that Foretold the Future

Who is this profile describing?

 A power-mad American billionaire, business magnate, investor, philanthropist to the city of…

Is this describing the President elect? Mythology and reality inter-wind once again as fiction becomes prophecy.


A Better WorldJustice League episode 37

Lex Luthor becomes the President of the United States

The symbolism of a megalomaniac [Lex Luthor] with his finger on a red button illustrates the fear-mongering that was an integral part of the Clinton campaign.

A power-mad American billionaire, business magnate, investor, philanthropist to the city of Metropolis {a.k.a. New York), and one of the most intelligent people in the world. A charismatic and well-known public figure, he is intent on ridding the world of alien superhero Superman, who Lex Luthor views as an obstacle to his megalomaniacal plans and as a threat to the very existence of humanity.



The Kid Who Ran for President

The Kid Who Became President

John Oliver on how life imitates art, as in the case of this book, which can be a manual for President-elect Trump





Executive Decision (1996)

It’s not clear whether the writers of this action thriller foretold the tragedy of 9/11 or inspired the idea of using a commercial airplane as a missile to “strike at the heart of the infidel“.

The tragic events of 9/11 were a watershed moment that changed life in America. When you watch this trailer, you can’t help but feel like it was a by-gone era when movie trailers revealed way too much and used the voice of god to narrate and over-explain everything.




What movies or other works of fiction can you think of that foretold the future? Leave your selections as a comment