Heidi Fischel Real Estate Agent

A Video Intro has several uses. For Real Estate professionals, it brands content in a competitive landscape where prominence can be the catalyst for closing the sale.

A 30 second Video Intro that can be used to brand and promote residential Real Estate Agent, Heidi Fischel, who is based out of Montreal QC.
The video is editable down to 15 seconds and can be used as an Intro to brand any videos that showcase real estate properties on the market.

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ASAP Courier

An experimental Video Ad Concept for a messenger/courier service business. A 30 second video ad which can also be edited down to 15 seconds for television ad buy segments. These types of editing options are ideal for local cable TV ad runs.

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Visual Impact with a Verbal Assault

Style for Every Story

Everyone has a unique story and a style that defines who they are and how they live. That is the philosophy and the credo that drives my desire to convey evocative stories that inspire and provoke. Once I fully realized my passion for movies, music and the written word, storytelling became my calling. It’s why I write and create stories with cinematic style.


In these days of specialization, I worry that our training is becoming very narrow. When you’re trained in the theatre, you have to do everything. They make you. You get in the habit of knowing that you can do just about anything you set your mind to. When Dennis Hopper, in an interview at the Actors’ Studio, spoke of his art career and was asked if he were an actor first or a painter, he looked puzzled, then answered, “To me, they’re both the same thing.”

Margaret South, co-founder with Bette Midler and Bonnie Bruckheimer of All Girl Productions, has developed scripts for Disney, Fox, and Tri-Star Studios. She produced the feature films Beaches, For the Boys, and Man of the House.