My school-mate Spawned Catholics vs Convicts

Long-time members of the Miami Hurricanes fan base will appreciate this overlooked subplot within the bigger story that has now blown up since ‘Canes’ football returned to national prominence and ‘the U’ as a contender for the national championship.

This is the story within the story of the Notre Dame-Miami showdown that went on to become one of the greatest games in college football history, and one of those rare battles on the field that actually lived up to and surpassed all the hype leading up to it.

I was surprised to discover what I hadn’t noticed the first time I watched the ESPN 30 For 30 documentary, “Catholics vs Convicts”. Thirty-five mintues (00:35:35) into the film, director and narrator Patrick Creadon, tells, in first person, how his best friend and roommate Pat Walshin got the idea for the infamous t-shirt that fueled the flames of the Notre Dame-Miami showdown that went on to become one of the greatest games in college football history, and one of those rare battles on the field that actually lived up to and surpassed all the hype leading up to it.
In this scene, a newspaper clipping shows a mug-shot of a disgraced UM player with the headline: “UM reserve suspended after drug-charge arrest”. The narrator tells how it was this article that gave him the idea to use the ‘convicts’ label for UM. Luckly, the image of the article (see attached screen-grab) is clear enough that you can read the details of his arrest. You know how when you watch a film more than once, you tend to catch things you didn’t see before? Well, there he was, my former school-mate, Darius Frazier; Hallandale High hero; all-state running back and one of the greatest in Charger history. Back in 1988, the Miami Hurricanes had a monopoly on the recruiting of local athletes, and South Florida, like an Alaskan river with salmon, was (and still is) abundant in great talent. Frazier was one of those highly-touted UM recruits. You could say that Hallandale High is infamous for producing the player who spawned the ‘Catholics vs Convicts’ T-shirt.


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Years after Frazier got kicked off the UM team, I attended a Hallandale Chargers football game and there he was, none other than Darius Frazier himself, in the stands, philanthropically giving back to his community by openly taking wagers on the new generation of football players and paying out with copious amounts of drug money, just as many drug dealers have been known to do in their own hood.
In the spring of 1989, a few of my friends and myself tried out for our Chargers Varsity football team. I played the tail back position in the team’s running backs unit. I had the honor of practicing, drilling and scrimmaging along side the next great Hallandale High player: All-State/All-American running back, Daniel Harris. I grew up knowing Daniel ever since Kinder Garden. I even have an old photo of him and I as children in Holloween Costume. That Spring with the football team makes me feel connected to this story within a story.

Theres a running joke about how much of the ‘Canes’ football fan base is made up of Miami locals – some of which are of the criminal element – who never enrolled at UM.
In a twisted sort of way, these days, during this 2017 college football season, I feel proud to be known as a convict.


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Journey of a Movie Script & the Evolution of Dramatic Storytelling

We think we live in a very edgy time in which you can do anything on film, but we don’t. Yes, we put blood and sex and gore on screen but to pose a genuinely deep, humane, moral dilemma – people don’t want to be brought to difficult places

John Romano – talks about American Pastoral in an Interview with Final Draft

The thing about this interview that inspired me, was how it affirmed my own dilemma – the doubt that can creep in and paralyze my efforts through fear of failure. I aspire to write stories that deal with existential, moral dilemma. One story-arch which I continue to work deals with an ancient battle for the occupation of Earth. While this may seem like just another alien invasion tale, the story-arch of this one can be traced back to ancient history and writings that go as far back as the oldest Sanskrit.

I will post a follow-up to the progress of this spec-script as soon as there’s a significant update.

The script started going around, you would not believe this, in the year 2000. In other words it was being read about the time that 9/11 happened and that was really not good for us for a lot of reasons… And no one was in that mood post-9/11, and I mean for several years. We were in Iraq and Afghanistan and no one was in the mood to hear that story…that was part of the obstacle. And I think the 60’s had to get a little further away. It had to become a little more of a period piece. And then, you know, the tides of movie making shift, what’s in and what’s out…I’m particularly proud of my producers for bucking every possible tide.

The other thing about this movie that should inspire any writer trying to sell a spec-script, is that this script had its own set of challenges before it got green-lit.

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My Review of Questra World marketing company

This is my review of the company and their income opportunities that are available to anyone who seeks financial freedom in the marketing industry.

Transcript from my Video Review

I would like to introduce the company, Questra World (website: )

The company, is a marketing and advertising broker, of the joint stock investment fund. Atlantic Global Asset Management.

This fund, conducts, debt, obligation purchases, and, the sale of businesses.  They also provide, other financial activities.

Questra World, has exclusive rights to promote, and sell, financial products, of the fund, Atlantic Global Asset Management.

The President of the company, José Manuel. Gil a bert, has assigned, the multilevel marketing model, as their system promotion. This enables them to save on the advertising budget, as well as provide, a better opportunity for thousands of agents, to make more money.

The Questra World, company, operates on all continents, from Asia to Africa, and from Europe to South America.

Questra World. offers two types of income, to its agents. The first type of income, means a percentage of profit, from sales of the products, of Atlantic Global Asset Management fund.

The bonus program, consists of 11 levels, or career stages. If the agent is progressing up the career ladder, it receives not only a new position, but also increases, the percentage of profit, from sales of the company’s products.

The second type of income, is a bonus program. Pursuant to the conditions of the program, the agent receives a pleasant monetary bonus, additionally to the percentage of income, at each level of the career ladder.

The non-interest, credit, financing to the directors, is the additional advantage. They have the opportunity, to purchase a house or car, under a special program.

Due to its compatibility with the most popular payment systems in the world, the company has greatly, enhanced the procedure of, remuneration. There are no problems related to the receipt of the money, in any country in the world.

People may be interested that Questra World regularly organizes business events, such as training seminars, as well as entertainment events for its agents.

In 2016, the Questra World company has already paid remuneration to its agents, in the amount of almost 20 million, EURO.

Trend: the Mascot Invasion

In the digital age, social media has become the primary source of communication. And businesses have mobilized to social channels in order to reach their audience.

There is an evolution going on that given rise to Mascots that are bringing profiles to life. They’re showing up everywhere as avatars and mascots that move and talk like you, and do the job of pitch-men, hosts, and are the stars of promotional campaigns.

There was a time, during the infancy of social media, when everyone used a photo, but that time is fading into a by-gone era as the demand for more sensate interaction intensifies. Some brands still stick to traditional or have yet to make the transition; they use their logo for everything. Some companies have their own reasons for doing so, but there is always the risk of over-exposure. When you change the channel, pause the DVR or your natural reflex is to instantly shift your focus somewhere else upon seeing an all too familiar logo, that is a result of over-exposure.

A mascot brings your brand to life and also offers a myriad of creative possibilities for promotional campaigns.

Despite all the emphasis on Social Media, print media continues to be an effective medium for many companies, including this printer based in Malta. Delta Media provides every kind of printing, plus design services when clients need it.

Their team is aware of this trend and chose to use a Mascot which was implemented in this video intro destined to promote their specials on their Social Media networks.